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HyperNav: 3D Navigation for Flying Characters and Objects

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HyperNav is a navmesh-like system for implementing volume-based navigation. Unlike a navmesh, which is bound to walkable surfaces, HyperNav creates volumes in which characters can navigate on all three axes. Some examples of the features it provides:

  • Volume-Based Navigation: Characters can now navigate in three dimensions, rather than being bound to walkable surfaces.
  • Fluid Movement: Create smooth flight movement using spline paths!
  • Easy Editor Setup: Just add volumes to your level, bake, and you're good to go!
  • Flexible: Lots of customization options and places to extend the code through scripting!
  • Super Fast: Optionally uses the C# Job System and Burst Compiler to calculate paths at lightning-fast speed!
  • Memory Efficient: Pathfinding produces no garbage, further benefiting performance.
You can find documentation and the API reference here.

Infohazard.Core: A Collection of Useful Unity Utilities and Systems

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Github (Public Repository)
Github (Addressables Integration) (Public Repository)

Infohazard.Core contains the core code shared between my various plugins, and has a lot of useful functionality on its own. Some examples of the features it provides:

  • Edit referenced object properties and create ScriptableObjects in the inspector without changing context.
  • Easy-to-use object pooling system reduce memory allocations.
  • Addressables integration, including pooling support and much easier spawning and management.
  • Pause system that helps avoid common errors related to setting Time.timeScale.
  • A system to use GameObject tags in your code and assign them in the inspector without typing a string.
  • A unique object name system to enable objects to reference each other across scenes, without having to type their names.
  • Tons of helpful math utilities, such as solving polynomials up to degree 4.
  • Much more miscellaneous functionality!
You can find documentation and the API reference here.
Documentation and API reference for the Addressables integration is here.